Surety Bonds

In addition to business insurance, we also offer commercial and contract surety bonds.

States and municipalities often require businesses to obtain surety bonds as a guarantee of performance within a stated period of time. Some bonds are instant issue while others require credit checks or financials.

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Commercial Bonds

License & Permit Bond

Guarantees the performance of obligations required by permits, state law, or municipal ordinance. Protects the public and governmental entities from financial losses arising from the failure of a contractor to fulfill obligations.

    • Compliance Only
    • Contracting
    • Drivers Education
    • Fitness Center
    • Motor Vehicle Dealer
    • Pest Control
    • Public Safety
    • Right of Way
    • Tax Guaranty
    • Warehousing

Court & Judicial Bonds

Encompasses various bonds required of participants in a lawsuit permitting pursuance of certain remedies in court.

    • Appeal
    • Attachment
    • Injunction
    • Plaintiff & Defendant
    • Replevin

Probate & Fiduciary Bonds:

    • Administrators
    • Executors
    • Personal Representatives
    • Guardians
    • Conservators
    • Trustees

Public Official Bond

Guarantees honest, faithful performance of duty by a public official.

    • Individual, Blanket
    • Notary







Fidelity Bond

Provides for indemnification for a loss caused by a dishonest act or fraudulent act of an employee covered under the bond.

    • Business Service Bond
    • Employee Dishonesty Bond
    • ERISA Bond
    • Forgery Bond





Miscellaneous Bond

All other commercial surety bonds which often arise from business transactions and relationships or are required by governmental entities to protect the public.

Financial Guarantee:

    • Wage & Fringe Benefit Bond
    • Utility Deposit Bond





Contract Bonds

Bid Bond

Guarantees the contractor submitting a bid and awarded a construction contract will enter into the contract and furnish the performance and/or payment bond.

Payment Bond

Guarantees the contractor will fulfill the construction contract/pay obligations for material and labor costs.

Supply Bond

Guarantees faithful performance of a contract to furnish supplies or materials.

Maintenance Bond

Guarantees against defective workmanship or materials for a specific period of time. Some also guarantee efficient or successful operation.
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